About company Klasmetal d.o.o.

KLASMETAL d.o.o. is a private company which is located about 60 km from the Austrian border in Slovenia. We are capable of functioning on the most advanced and fastest way, using different materials, not only on the Slovenian market but also for exporting. Our partners can expect from us only the best, which also confirms our ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

The company is privately owned. Our production program is mostly for export (about 90%). The production is a major part of our business.

For cooperation in other fields we are looking for new business partners with whom our company would take part.

We produce and process

various metal parts:

  • production of small and medium-sized production batches turned parts,
  • mechanical machining drawings of the parts,
  • welding of small parts,

High level of adjustment in the production of:

  • screws, nuts, bushings, washers, pins, screws, fittings, axes, and more

We have acquired ISO 9001:2008 certificate in recognition of the quality of our services and products

Our production is divided into three groups:

  • Production of tiny metal parts – like screws, linnings, connections, bungs, femile, cases, perches, distainers out of circle, four and six corner stisk material of different quality.
  • Intention working of metal and castings – we produce different consols, bearers, and joints out of casts or unforgers.
  • Boiling of tiny working part – Boiling is processing in special chambers where we use CO2 with different tube knees and other smaller joints.


Spodnja Voličina 88a
SI-2232 Voličina
Tel: +386 (0)2 729 09 30
Fax: +386 (0)2 729 09 31
Mob: +386 (0)41 684 550
E-mail: klasmetal@siol.net

Our partners